Airport Barricades

About This Product

All airport construction projects near active aircraft require clearly marked boundaries that must not interfere with airport operations. Our low profile airport barricades meet all requirements to identify hazards for pilots and other workers in elevated positions while maintaining wingtip clearance. They are designed to withstand the high winds in airport construction zones and have orange and white reflective sheeting applied on both sides, for easy detection in any lighting condition.

Each low profile airport barricade features specially designed fill-holes to accommodate two round or square hazard lights and two flags.


barricade in use 1

Airport Flag

orange airport flag 1
  • 36″ H x 36″ W
  • Orange and white sewn nylon airport flag.

Low Profile Airport Barricade

airport barricade 1
  • 10″ H x 96″ L x 10″ W
  • Designed to withstand the high winds in airport construction zones.
  • Orange and white reflective sheeting on both sides.
  • Accepts two round screw in or bolt mounted lights and two flag sockets.

360 Airport Barricade Light

360 airport barricade light 1
  • 360 Airport Barricade Light

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