Water Barricades

About This Product

We offer a variety of durable polyethylene water barricades to fit the requirements of your particular project. Our options include water barriers with attached fence panels for added height and security and water-cable barrier walls to stop vehicles in the event of an accident.

Our Water-filled Barriers are designed with a hollow interior that makes them easy to transport and install on any construction zone, temporary roadblock, special event, and even crowd control.

Water barricades are exceptionally durable and resistant to splitting, cracking, and deteriorating in hard weather conditions.


water barricade 1

Orange Water Barricade

water barricades
  • 6′ L x 32″ H x 18″ W
  • Durable polyethylene plastic minimizes cracking and breaking.
  • Hinge design for 30-degree pivot between sections.
  • Will accept plastic or chain-link fence.
  • Standard colors are orange or white.
  • Additional colors available upon request.
  • NCHRP approved as TL-1, TL-2, and TL-3.

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